Go to Health eKitchen Meal Planner to find delicious and nutritious recipes made with WIC-approved ingredients.

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On the homepage, scroll down to Health eKitchen Meal Planner. 

Overview of Featured Recipes
Scroll through featured recipes using each WIC food.  

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Select "Recipes" in the upper right corner. Scroll through them or use the search bar.

Use Filters
Narrow down your options and use the Filter feature. You can filter by Recipe Type, Difficulty, or Cooking Method.

Choose Recipes with WIC Foods
In the search bar, enter the WIC ingredient you want to use. Find lots of recipes with your WIC ingredients!

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Bookmark to save your favorite recipes so you can return to them quickly! Find your bookmarks in the "Recipes" tab under "My Bookmarks."

Create a Meal
Choose from 60 meal and snack options, add your meal ideas, or browse the recipe library to customize your plan.

Plan Weekly Meals
Choose from over 300 recipes or add basic foods to create your own meal.