Meal planning is the solution to wasteful spending. 

Here are some reasons to meal plan:

Less stress: No more staring at the cupboards and wondering what to make. Less time wandering the aisles of the supermarket looking for things that “look good.” Fewer last-minute stops at the store for ingredients. Quick answers for the daily “What’s for dinner?” question.

Balanced Meals: Planning ahead means having time to make sure you are including at least three food groups in your meals.

More Satisfaction: Planning meals as a family lets everyone have a say in the decision-making. Studies suggest kids who help cook meals are better eaters. Getting them involved with the planning process may help lessen mealtime battles.

More Eating At Home: Meal planning helps reduce last-minute meals at restaurants. Studies have shown that when we eat out we eat more calories, fat, and sodium than when we eat at home.

More Family Time: Planning meals encourages families to eat together around the dinner table. This is a ritual that has been shown to keep families healthier and happier.

Less Waste: Planning meals means fewer food items will spoil and need to be thrown away. This will save both time and money.

Deeper Dive

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