Play For All: 50 fun activities


1. Dance and clap to music.

2. Jump from low steps.

3. Balance on one leg and then switch.

4. Act like a kangaroo hopping, or a train chugging along the tracks.

5. Stack building blocks.

6. Carry and put away toys.

7. Eat with a spoon.

8. Draw with big crayons.

9. Play dress up.

10. Play “make believe.” Pretend you are in the jungle, on the moon, or on hot sand!

11. Bang on pots with spoons.

12. Toss sock balls.

13. Use a child-sized broom to help sweep the floor.

14. Pick up toys.

15. Color.

16. Write or draw.

17. Use child-safe scissors.

18. Glue.

19. Play with puzzles.

20. Collect 5 pine cones (or stones, or leaves, or ________).

21. Go through an obstacle course made of chairs, tables, diaper boxes, or laundry baskets.

22. Do everyday activities as fast as possible! For example, picking up toys, or getting dressed.

23. Play with sock balls or soft foam balls (rolling, throwing, bouncing, or kicking).

24. Balance a beanbag or stuffed animal on your head.

25. Walk on tiptoes.

26. Dust the tables.

27. Hop twice on one foot.

28. Play hide and seek.

29. Run as fast as you can, then stop suddenly.

30. Roll and throw a ball.

31. Take a walk as a family.

32. Walk the dog (if you have one). Or, offer to walk a neighbor’s dog.

33. Play in a sprinkler.

34. Play in the water at a nearby river or lake. Note for caregivers: Stay with your young child 100% of the time and have them wear a life vest for safety. 

35. Play games like Simon Says, tag, or freeze tag.

36. Make a hopscotch grid with sidewalk chalk.

37. Play kickball with a large, soft ball.

38. Go bicycling in a safe area. Note for caregivers: Younger children can have fun with four-wheeled scooters, tricycles and big wheels.

39. Make up and play your own game outdoors.

40. Chase, catch, and pop bubbles.

41. Have a pretend a carwash for toys.

42. Crawl through a tunnel at the playground. 

43. Crawl over, under, around, and through a row of chairs. 

44. Crawl through an indoor obstacle course made of string taped to both sides of the wall. The goal is to make it from one end to the other without knocking down the strings.

45. Try standing on one foot! If needed, put the other foot on a ball or stool. Or, hold on to the wall with one hand. Make sure to switch legs to practice balancing on both sides.

46. Walk on a line of chalk on the sidewalk. Try not to fall off! Try doing small hops on the line. Or, make two lines side by side. Jump from one to the other!

47. Balance a beanbag on your head! Try to walk around or dance without letting it fall.

48. Kick a ball.

49. Play hopscotch on the pavement outside. Use chalk to draw the hopscotch board.

50. Practice jumping from one foot to both. 

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